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Here is your solution LG networks

Are you or your staff constantly having computer problems?

Is your laptop always locking up?

Is you network repeatedly going down?

Are you losing files because of backup problems?

If you are a small business owner with 5 or more work stations we can
solve all your IT network problems!

LG Networks provides IT support and managed network services for a simple, flat fee. In essence, we do everything a full-time, in-house IT employee would do … for less.


We offer Unlimited Onsite Remote Support

“Our Dallas based helpdesk offers unlimited onsite support and network management. If you are losing files we can help”

  • Remote or onsite diagnostic and solution identification
  • New computer set-up, configurations and upgrades
  • E-mail configuration and support
  • Software updates and maintenance
  • Hardware and software installation, configuration and upgrades
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • General maintenance and repairs
  • Crisis resolution
  • Virus control and removal

Existing customers award LG Networks IT Help Desk/Desktop Support a satisfaction rating of 98.11% with a speed of resolution rating at 96.15%. We attribute this high level of satisfaction to our staff’s expertise and automation tools that enable us to control electronic devices remotely, reduce human intervention to a minimum, and speed time-to-resolution.


“Whether you want to implement, upgrade, or combine infrastructures, our network and server solutions deliver centralized control, efficiency, and reliability.”

  • Configuration of servers, routers, switches, wireless devices, modems and firewalls
  • Server upgrades, reconfigurations or migrations including organizational units, active directory and folders/permissions
  • Distributed File Services (DFS) & Data Protection Services (DFS)
  • Email configuration & support & Exchange migratoin or upgrades
  • Deployment, configuration and management of network servers and devices
  • Datacenter or server room routing adjustments & Secure tunnels (dynamic or static) and VPN solutions
  • Secure tunnels (dynamic or static)  VPN solutions & Internet bandwidth management
  • Redundant build outs & setup of load balancing or server clusters
  • Disaster recovery sites & Imaging servers
  • Establishment of complex password policies and dynamic server passwords
  • Span & web filtering solutions
  • Software and hardware planning & deployment

Backup and Disaster Recovery

“Organization continuity and disaster restoration planning – custom-made intended for your business needs”

  • Info backup and recovery — to “bullet proof” the mission-critical data files
  • Quick recovery for files and email – get back again to business quickly
  • Virtualization of failed servers — reduces downtime from times to hours
  • Remote else where storage – ensures info security and compliance
  • Pre-installed archiving – more economical and reliable than strapping
  • 24/7 monitoring and supervision – ensures data honesty